War in Israel – resources for schools

Resources and materials

We have put together a range of valuable resources for schools to help discuss the war in Israel with children

Below is a collection of insightful materials to help navigate discussions and provide support during this sensitive time

Other Support for Heads and SLT
Speakers and Training

Stand Up! education against discrimination – goes into mainstream schools to tackle antisemitism.

Streetwise Sessions for Schools

Peace through Knowledge – Meedu

Additional Support and Guidance

Educational Materials, Resources and Activities on the War for Jewish Day Schools – UnitEd

Hub of different collated resources – Lookstein Centre 

More links to other resources – UJIA 

LSJS resources – collated list of organisations and resources – LSJS

Responding to Crisis – Jewish Education Center of Cleveland

Unpacking the War With Your Students – Unpacked for Educators

Israel Information Portal – JLC

Latest News from Israel – BICOM


Please note that wherever possible we have checked the content of all these resources. However, before sharing, educators should ensure they are suitable for their school and students.