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A joint and informed approach to mental health and wellbeing between school and home gives young people a consistent message that they are listened to, supported and cared for.


PaJeS invites parents and carers to termly workshops on mental health and wellbeing topics identified to us through feedback forms.  Each subject matter is delivered with sensitivity by an expert in the field, and we invite parents and carers to submit questions prior to the session.

We encourage all schools to send the invitation to parents and carers of the appropriate year groups.

PaJeS Wellbeing talks cover a range of issues affecting children’s mental health and offer recommendations on how to support your child.

You can watch past recordings below.

Supporting Your Child With ADHD At Home

ADHD expert, Soli Lazarus, shared knowledge on understanding ADHD, strategies to use at home, and your partnership with school. She was joined by young people who shared their personal experiences of ADHD

How to support your Y13 child as they leave school

Psychologist Dr Anna Colton, together with Zack Isaacs who as a school leaver took an apprenticeship with Google, and Leeds University student Jacob Barnett, presented on how to support your child as they move on to further education, a gap year, or into employment

How to support your child as they move from primary to secondary school

A talk by Heads Up Kids, Streetwise and PaJeS Wellbeing

Parent/Carer Guide to Social Media

Do you know what your child actually views on social media?
Do you know how social media companies use algorithms to influence our thoughts and actions? Hear from Imran Ahmed from the Center for Countering Digital Hate, together with recommendations from Ilana Hutchinson from Jewish Women’s Aid, and Jessica Overlander-Kaye from PaJeS.

Addressing the Cost of Living Crisis with your Children

PaJeS, in collaboration with The Met Police and My BNK, invited parents and carers of primary and secondary school children to this presentation.


Understanding Girls: managing anxiety, friendships and striving for perfection

Dr Tara Porter gave this session aimed at parents of girls from Year 5 to Year 13

The War in Ukraine: A talk addressing our children's anxiety and fear

Parents and teachers joined Dr Anna Colton, Clinical Psychologist, who provided useful tools and answered questions on how to manage children’s anxiety and fear over the current situation in Ukraine.

Social Media: The impact on the future of our children

An important, informative evening discussing the impact of social media on young people and society today

Managing Early School Years Course

This course on Zoom was aimed at parents of children starting Reception at primary school. Drs Katie Russell and Anna Colton provided skills and practical tips to make this new journey as smooth as possible.

Session 1: Resilience

Session 2: Promoting and inhibiting resilience in children

Session 3: Wrap up and Q&A

Welcome to Year 7 Course

This three-week course on Zoom was for parents of students who starting secondary school. The course provided an understanding of the adolescent brain and provided practical tools to manage the early years of secondary school in order to make the transition smoother for you and your children.

Session 1: Resilience

Session 2: Promoting and inhibiting resilience in children

Session 3: Wrap up and Q&A

Transition to Year 7

PaJeS invited all parents of children in Year 6 to join Dr Anna Colton and Dr Katie Russell who shared their knowledge and tips on managing transition into secondary schools.

Talking Tricky Topics

Ilana Hutchinson, Education Manager at Jewish Women’s Aid and Detective Chief Inspector Mark Rogers on creating safe spaces to talk about a culture of consent.

Listen to this group of teenagers talk about their experiences 

Not All About Food

Dr Anna Colton and Hope Virgo on understanding more about healthy and unhealthy eating patterns, spotting signs, support and signposting