Who We Are

What is PaJeS?

PaJeS is at the forefront of Jewish education in the UK. We collaborate directly with schools and also with the Government and other stakeholders. We endeavour to listen to the needs of the schools, to advocate in their best interests, and to be guided by their advice and the challenges they encounter.

We are an organisation who provide services, support, and strategy to Jewish Schools, primarily throughout the UK. The support we offer is diverse, including professional development, public affairs, strategic thinking, connecting and collaborating, curricula and special projects, and wellbeing.

The Creation of PaJeS

The need for a central organisation for Jewish schools was identified in 2008 in the JLC’s commission to report on the ‘future of Jewish schools’.

The development of curricula in 2010 and establishment of the Find a Jewish School webpage were the first activities for PaJeS. In 2012 it was established as a division of the JLC, and in addition, we began working with headteachers and governors. The CEO, Rabbi David Meyer, was appointed in January 2015.

The growth of Jewish schools in the UK has been immense, with more than 37,000 children being educated in over 130 Jewish schools. These schools have not only grown in number but are among the top performing schools in the country. The increasing and widespread demand from schools for support from PaJeS led to us becoming independent from the JLC at the start of 2022.

PaJeS Vision

The PaJeS vision is to provide expert knowledge to Jewish schools across the United Kingdom. Our core work is focussed on the areas below, and each addresses the needs of our audiences.


  1. Curriculum and Special Projects
    Curriculum is a fundamental part of the provision of PaJeS. We now provide a range of curricula across primary and secondary levels including Jewish Studies and Modern Hebrew, paired with curriculum focussed training and support. Each year we run several projects and events for school pupils such as our annual debates and spelling bees.
  2. Connecting and Collaborating
    PaJeS facilitates 22 networks enabling us to keep in touch with schools and offer a unique chance for senior leaders, educators and other school staff to share best practice and engage with relevant colleagues across the schools’ community.
  3. Professional Development
    We run training and events to support the development of school staff and offer them a variety of professional pathways. This ranges from regular professional development opportunities for Jewish Studies and Ivrit teachers and Chairs of Governors, to National Professional Qualifications for school leaders and a bespoke support programme for new headteachers.
  4. Government Engagement
    PaJeS has developed close working relationships with key educational public bodies including the Department for Education, Ofsted, the Prime Minister’s Office, Education Select Committee, and Regional and National School Commissioner Offices. Our solutions led approach has seen us become a trusted voice for Jewish schools and partner for governmental bodies.
  5. Strategic Thinking
    We work with Governors and Senior Leaders considering strategies to meet challenges, focusing on the implementation of government strategies, understanding broader school challenges, and provision planning.
  6. Wellbeing
    Mental Health and Wellbeing has become a critical aspect for schools, and PaJeS has responded and developed essential resources and guidance. Our wellbeing provision includes ‘Wellbeing and Me’, currently being piloted in a sample of schools; partnership with HeadsUp Kids; and running parent awareness events which in the academic year (2021-2022) attracted over 800 families.

Who do we work with?

PaJeS actively engages with 80% of Jewish schools across the UK. We also regularly connect with our
subscribed schools in South Africa and Australia. We work in partnership with a variety of organisations:

Board of Deputies
Chinuch UK
Heads Up Kids
Jewish Agency
Jewish Interactive
London School of Jewish Studies
Maccabi UK
Ministry for Diaspora Affairs
National Library of Israel
Routes into Languages


Is your organisation missing? Think we could be working with you? If so, please be in touch by emailing office@pajes.org.uk.