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PaJeS Introduces Multi-Faceted Wellbeing Initiatives Amidst Ongoing Crisis in Israel


As the crisis in Israel persists, the Partnership for Jewish Schools (PaJeS) has launched a series of comprehensive wellbeing initiatives aimed at supporting educators, students, and schools through these challenging times.

The range of initiatives, developed by the PaJeS dedicated wellbeing team, comprises several essential components:

1. Staff Wellbeing Workshop
On 14th November a workshop, led by PaJeS Trauma Informed Practitioner Jessica Overlander-Kaye, catered to all teaching and non-teaching staff. It provided support for their wellbeing while offering guidance on effectively supporting children during this period.

One participant commented – “Thank you for reminding us and focussing us to get through these challenging times.”

2. Critical Incident Guidance Report for Schools
PaJeS will be distributing a comprehensive Critical Incident Guidance Report to all schools, akin to the ERIC document, offering immediate guidance and professional support in the event of a tragic occurrence within the school premises.

3. Funding for Group Supervision and PaJeS Accredited Training
Headteachers, DSLs, and Wellbeing Leads will have access to group supervision facilitated by Education Support, offering a structured framework to address challenging situations. Additionally, a CPD-accredited training programme with Trauma Informed Schools will empower staff with essential skills to optimize wellbeing within the school community.

4. Support for Integration of Israeli Children
Welcoming Israeli children into schools, PaJeS offers multifaceted support, including webinars, targeted guidance, and specialized interventions conducted by private Educational Psychologists. This support, funded by PaJeS, aims to ensure a smooth transition for these children.

5. Webinar for Headteachers and Governors
On 15th November PaJeS will host a webinar focusing on how to support staff and students during this traumatic period. The session will also address the needs of Israeli students in schools and strategies to counter disinformation.

“During these turbulent times, it’s crucial to nurture a supportive environment within our schools. Our wellbeing initiatives aim to provide comprehensive guidance and support for educators and students, ensuring a resilient and caring community”.

Julia Alberga – PaJeS Wellbeing Manager

“It is important that during these turbulent times, schools feel supported, educated and contained. Our Trauma Informed wellbeing initiatives are tailored to support school staff, students and parents, emphasizing resilience, care and support within the community”.

Jessica Overlander Kaye – PaJeS Wellbeing Manager

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