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PaJeS Illuminates Hope Amidst Rising Antisemitism with Chanukah Fundraising Campaign


PaJeS – Partnerships for Jewish Schools – unveils an illuminating initiative this Chanukah, poised to kindle hope and solidarity amidst challenging times of escalating antisemitism. Inspired by the symbolism of the eight nights of Chanukah, this fundraising campaign is set to foster resilience and fortify the Jewish community against adversity.
In response to mounting threats and challenging circumstances, PaJeS stands firm in its commitment to fortify the Jewish educational sector. As antisemitism gains momentum, this campaign embodies an unwavering dedication to illumination and empowerment, striving to foster a future where education is a beacon of resilience.

Campaign Highlights:
• Vision of Resilience: The campaign embodies the spirit of the eight Chanukah lights, symbolizing strength in unity against growing antisemitism.
• Impactful Initiatives: Through a series of strategic meetings with governmental authorities, law enforcement agencies, and educational experts, PaJeS has proactively addressed security concerns in schools and provided guidance to counter antisemitism effectively.
• Support for Integration: The campaign actively supports the integration of Israeli children into UK Jewish schools, offering guidance, educational resources, and a network of professional support to ease the transition.
• Educational Empowerment: PaJeS aims to enhance the Jewish educational landscape by offering comprehensive wellbeing support for school staff, trauma-informed practices, and valuable resources curated to navigate sensitive discussions with students and parents.
Rabbi David Meyer CEO of PaJeS said “At this critical juncture where antisemitism casts shadows on our community, this Chanukah campaign represents our unwavering commitment to illuminate the path forward. Our efforts are dedicated to fostering resilience, supporting integration, and fortifying the Jewish educational sphere against adversity. Together, we’re kindling hope and shaping a future where education stands as a beacon of strength amidst darkness.”
The Chanukah campaign signifies a collective effort to drive positive change, advocating for a resilient Jewish community fortified by education and unity. PaJeS invites all to join in and contribute towards illuminating these dark times with hope, support, and empowerment.
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