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Understanding the Israeli society – who are the Samaritans?

The Samaritan community today numbers around 850 people and is a remnant of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. The community observes the written Torah of Moses as its scripture and language to this day, including Sabbath observance, kosher dietary laws, Passover sacrifice, and Israelite holidays. Samaritans reside today in two main centers, Holon and Mount Gerizim. During your visit, you will learn about Samaritan way of life, their major holidays, and see Mount Gerizim, the holiest place for Samaritans.

About the Lecture:
Samaritans maintain their religion as written and spoken since ancient times; customs from Torah days are still observed and passed down through generations. Discover more about the community, how they celebrate Passover, observe Sabbath, build Sukkah, and what it’s like to be a Samaritan in 2024. The lecture covers who the Samaritans are, a bit of history, Samaritan Sabbaths and holidays, the Samaritan life cycle, and more.

The session is the third in a series focused on topics pertinent to the A LEVEL exam curriculum. The meeting welcomes educators instructing for the exam as well as any other interested teachers. An interactive discussion will be facilitated, allowing attendees to pose questions. Furthermore, the meeting will be recorded to enable later viewing by students in PaJeS member schools. 

This session will be in Ivrit

Free to teachers from subscribed schools and £20 fee if you are not from a subscribed school.

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