Gift Aid

Gift Aid 10 Commandments

for State Schools

Between Parents and School

1. You shall ensure that you (or any relative) only claim Gift Aid tax relief on donations to the school to cover educational activities and lessons within the school day or to a school building fund.

2. You (or any relative) shall not claim Gift Aid on extra-curricular after-school clubs or school trips, or on fees charged by private schools.

3. You shall realise that amounts requested by the school are only a suggested amount to donate – you can give less or nothing at all.

4. You shall not be obligated or put under pressure to make a donation (voluntary really does means voluntary).

5. You shall realise that if you don’t support your child’s school – who will, so please do give generously.

Between Parents and School

6. You shall ensure that pupils at the school will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have made any contribution in response to the request or invitation.

7. You shall ensure that the express words in Commandment 6 (and also the fact there is no obligation to make any donation) are specifically and clearly stated on all correspondence, literature, the school’s website, at ‘open days’ and that they appear on all follow-up letters.

8. You shall not issue invoices or a statement of account.

9. You shall not make any refunds (ever).

10. You shall ideally have an independent charitable trust in place to receive the donations (which can then fund the school’s costs).