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Manchester Mesivta

Headteacher: Zevi Katz
Charlton Avenue, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 0PH
0161 773 1789

As one of the oldest Jewish schools in Manchester, Manchester Mesivta is well known throughout the UK. Its vision, as set out by the founders back in 1948, was to create an institution that would provide its students with a first class broad and balanced curriculum offering both Kodesh and secular subjects in a caring environment.

Upon leaving school, boys are able to enter the best Yeshivos and are equipped either to continue in the כותלי בית המדרש becoming כלי קודש, or to further their secular education, attending leading universities allowing them to enter either the professions or the world of business. With the help of all involved in the school since its inception, this vision has been fulfilled, as can be witnessed by the alumni themselves. We can proudly say that many of our students have gone on in their lives to become Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos, Maggidei Shiurim and lay leaders. A similar number have become distinguished בעלי בתים and have earned respect in their communities worldwide.

Background Type: Secondary Status: State-Aided Gender: Boys