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Immanuel College Preparatory School

Headteacher: Mrs Alexis Gaffin
87-91 Elstree Road, Bushey, Hertfordshire, WD23 4BE
020 8955 8938

Immanuel College Preparatory School is the Junior branch of Immanuel College, based in Bushey, Hertfordshire. We are an independent, modern Orthodox school for children aged 4-11 and are the feeder school for Immanuel College, based on the same site. Having opened our doors in 2011, over the past 10 years we have established ourselves as a school which has at its heart the desire to support and nurture the children in our care to achieve academic excellence together with providing expert pastoral care and an inspiring Jewish education. We want our children to experience the joy and excitement of learning in a school which celebrates individual strengths and talents and allows pupils to develop the confidence, motivation and ambition that are the hallmarks of the school. In June 2019, we were delighted to be awarded “Excellent” in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, and we are also a member of IAPS. Our pupils enjoy an academically challenging environment which is vibrant, happy, creative and stimulating. Our dedicated and focussed teachers have high expectations of our pupils, and within a nurturing environment, support them in order that they make excellent progress. Our aim is to give children the very best start to their learning careers, beginning with the Early Years Foundation Stage in Reception and from Year 1, broadly based on the National Curriculum, so that our children access age and stage appropriate knowledge skills and experiences. In KS2, we add breadth wherever possible. One way we do this is through our Modern Foreign Languages programme – in addition to Modern Hebrew we introduce French in Year 4, switch this to Spanish in Year 5 and then Mandarin in Year 6. This introduces children to the languages, cultures and lifestyles of others, as well as offering a solid introduction to language learning. These subjects are taught by specialist teachers from the Senior School. In Year 6, children are taught in the Senior School for Art and Science, preparing them for transition into secondary education. In upper KS2 there are further links with the senior school, for example our most able mathematicians have a weekly enrichment session with a senior school specialist. Pastoral Care is central to our school: the happiness and well-being of every pupil is of the utmost importance. Working together, all staff, from school leaders to support staff, in conjunction with parents, ensure that pupils of all ages articulate a strong understanding regarding their physical and mental well-being. They appreciate a balanced approach to life, demonstrated in their participation in physical education and sports. With access to the expansive grounds of Immanuel College, there are opportunities a variety of PE choices, from football, netball, tennis, cricket, athletics and also a weekly Mindfulness walk around the site – wellies on, no matter what the weather! The Prep School also has a school counsellor available to meet with the children. Jewish Education and life at Immanuel College Prep School is exciting, inspiring and relevant, offering a broad and balanced curriculum and modern orthodox in outlook. It gives the pupils a detailed understanding of Jewish customs and practices, access to and understanding of Biblical and Rabbinical texts and a love for Israel. Reflecting the rich and varied rhythms of Jewish Life, it gives our children the opportunity to both study and experience first-hand the tools, knowledge and excitement of being Jewish. A vast array of extra-curricular activities are woven into the fabric of the school. Our children can attend clubs ranging from Netball to Journalism and from Gardening to Art. There are music and drama opportunities available on an individual basis in addition to our whole school performances currently staged twice a year, and a variety of class presentations to the school community as well as parents and guests. We also have a Choir who have developed an excellent reputation and have also performed at a number of charitable events. We support our working parents by offering a daily Breakfast Club and After School clubs. Immanuel College Prep School…Incredible, Caring, Productive, Safe. The Prep School also has a school counsellor available to meet with the children.

Background Type: Primary Status: Independent Gender: Mixed