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Gesher School

Headteacher: Tamaryn Yartu and Nikeisha Webb-Hardy
Cannon Lane, Pinner, HA5 1JF
020 7884 5102

Gesher is an Outstanding Independent Jewish Primary Special School that provides a tailored education for children with a range of special educational needs such as mild to moderate learning needs, sensory processing difficulties and/or social communication difficulties (including autism). Gesher School is not a school for children whose primary need is emotional and behavioural difficulties or severe learning difficulties.
Gesher children are unique, individual and learn in their own special way. They may benefit from being educated differently in regards to communication and social interactions; tailoring and adapting their environment to their own learning style. Children that attend Gesher School will come from a family that understands and respects the values and ethos of the school and the Jewish way of life.
Gesher children may have difficulty with:
A mainstream environment
Accessing the curriculum
Social Communication and Interaction
Flexibility of thought
Sensory processing
Attention skills
Understanding the world around them
Gesher children would benefit from:
Small classroom sizes
Predictable environment
Personalised curriculum
Support to make and maintain friendships
A multi-sensory approach
A therapeutic approach
A multi-professional approach
Access to specialist teacher
Gesher ensures that each child’s needs are met through a multi-therapeutic team approach, working alongside all staff, with well-being at the core. The school has an on-site full time Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Dramatherapist, as well as a part time Educational Psychologist with facilities including a soft play room, a sensory room and a forest area for outdoor exploratory play.
1) The child is the correct age for provision of Gesher School at the time of admission
2) The child will fit with the existing cohort of children
3) Each child will be admitted on consideration of the submitted documentation and the observations conducted by the Admissions Team to ensure that Gesher School can suitably meet his/her needs
4) The child will have an identifiable additional need that impacts upon their learning or social abilities, but no specific diagnosis is required, with or without an EHCP
5) The school provides a Jewish education but children from all religions and cultural backgrounds are eligible to apply

Background Type: Primary and Secondary Status: Special Independent Gender: Mixed