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Eden Primary

Headteacher: Mrs Helen Graff
79 Creighton Avenue, London, N10 1NR
020 8883 9527

Eden Primary is a Jewish school which welcomes children from all Jewish communities.
We believe that the future of the Jewish community in the UK lies in mutual trust, recognition and understanding between the various Jewish denominations. That understanding begins with our children.
We recognise that Judaism contains different communities and we give our pupils a Jewish education acceptable to all groups. Each child’s background is respected and supported.
We are independent of all Jewish religious authorities, but work positively and productively with them, welcoming all denominations.
Eden Primary is the first Jewish school of any kind in the London Borough of Haringey.  The school opened with a reception class for 30 children in September 2012.

Background Type: Primary Status: State-Aided Gender: Mixed