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What we do
The UJIA Informal Education Department works across the community supporting Hadracha and Israel education in schools, youth movements and with students and young adults.

In schools UJIA works in both Jewish and mainstream schools running, managing and financially supporting a range of programmes that brings informal education on Jewish identity, Israel and hadracha into the normal school day.

UJIA is proud of the work we do in providing continued, major funding and educational support to inspirational, peer-led organisations. Our work directly benefits over 10,000 young people each year. With UJIA’s support, each youth movement encourages its members to experience, to learn and to develop as Jews by engaging 8–23 year-olds across the UK in weekly programmes, educational seminars, residential camps and Israel Tour. The movements offer unparalleled opportunities to meet other young Jewish people and to have fun whilst exploring personal connections to both Judaism and Israel.

UJIA also works with students and young adults to help them continue their Jewish journey by offering a range of Israel engagement programmes. We are the UK providers of the Birthright programme, a free 10 day trip to Israel for young adults aged 18 – 26 who have never been on an organised trip to Israel before. In partnership with UJS we also work with Masa to offer UK students and young adults the opportunity to spend a period of 5 months or longer in Israel.

What we offer schools
Within the Jewish schools, the UJIA Informal Education Department offers a variety of programmes to engage pupils in Israel and their Jewish identities.

UJIA runs the innovative UR UNI LIFE campus preparation programme, which offers a range of sessions designed specifically for pupils in 6th Form. Delivered in partnership with UJS, UR UNI LIFE gets pupils thinking about their choices after school, including what life on campus might be like and what it means to be Jewish at university. The programme also offers practical tips on topics such as food, money, accommodation, staying safe on a night out and what to do if you find your exams are scheduled for Shabbat.

UJIA provides Israel education within the Jewish secondary schools for students in Year 9 upwards to engage them in the country’s people, history, culture, society and politics. UJIA’s commitment to bringing Israel engagement into school life is best showcased through Israel: Get Connected, a new initiative for which UJIA was a leading partner in conceiving, organising and funding. Israel: Get Connected brings together Year 12 students in Jewish secondary schools for a day of exciting, innovative Israel education, with speakers brought in from across the community and Israel. Last year’s event involved 500 students from seven Jewish secondary schools across London and Essex. Now in its second year, we look forward to welcoming other students from Jewish secondary schools from across the country.

Cost to school
Our aim is for there to be no cost to the school however some sessions or speakers may require a small contribution.

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