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Inspiring confidence inside and out

What we do
Streetwise works nationally with Jewish schools and Community organisations, enhancing the personal safety and personal development of young Jewish people to support their safe, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Streetwise was initially established in 2005, as a partnership project between CST and Maccabi GB. It currently employs four full time members of staff in London and one in Manchester, covering the north of the United Kingdom.

In 2014 Streetwise engaged over 20,000 young people, through 865 individual sessions in primary and secondary schools as well as community organisations and summer schemes.

Streetwise engages young people through Personal Development sessions based on the National Curriculum subjects of PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic Education) and SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) as well as Personal Safety practical and theory sessions.

Streetwise empowers and advises young people in a safe and informal environment, giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence to make educated positive decisions. All of our sessions are interactive and creative and run in line with National campaigns such as ‘National Safer Internet Day’, the ‘Change for Life’ NHS campaign and ‘National Anti-Bullying week’.

In the nine years since its creation Streetwise has seen huge developments, and is now a recognised brand, and the main provider of informal education in Jewish schools and the wider Jewish Community, for young people aged 6 to 18.

What we offer schools

Primary schools
Streetwise delivers five main national projects in 36 Jewish primary schools. Our programmes give children the skills to overcome issues that affect them as they are growing up. Our programmes support the National Curriculum and run in line with national campaigns in order to provide current and relevant informal education.

Year 4 – Internet Safety in association with CEOP, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Year 5 – Healthy Living in association with the Change for Life Campaign
Year 6 – Anti-Bullying in association with the Anti-Bullying Alliance
Year 6 – Transition to Secondary School personal development, personal safety
Year 6 – SRE in association with the Sex Education Forum

Secondary Schools
Streetwise works with 26 Jewish and non-Jewish secondary schools nationally, running a variety of informal education activities teaching the National Curriculum subjects of PSHE (personal social health and economic education) and SRE (sex and relationships education).

Our flagship programme, Lifeskills, is tailored for each secondary school and offers different personal development topics to each year group. Cyber-bullying, internet safety, body image, addiction, antisemitism and a variety of SRE programmes are delivered through informal and interactive methodologies.

Minimum and maximum group size
From 10 young people to whole school assemblies

Cost to school
Free of charge

This is what schools say about us
“Streetwise activities are always carefully matched to meet the needs of the children. It is very reassuring to know that these sensitive topics will be treated with respect for the Jewish ethos of our school.”Steve Langford, Head Teacher, Birmingham King David Primary

“JFS is delighted to work in partnership with Streetwise in delivering important and impactful educational experiences for our students, providing a vital service for the community.” Jonathan Miller, JFS Head Teacher

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