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Shema Koli

Safeguarding and Child Protection Training for Parents and Teachers

What we do
Shema Koli, working together with Magen Yeladim (Los Angeles) delivers educational workshops that make parents, teachers and school leaders aware of safeguarding risks and give guidance on how to keep children safe – at home, at school and in the wider community.
Shema Koli also provides an anonymous helpline for victims and survivors of abuse in the Jewish community.
Shema Koli serves as a resource for teachers, professionals and community leaders seeking guidance and consultation about cases of abuse.

What we offer schools
We offer the opportunity to arrange your own safety awareness events and training workshops for parents and teachers. The presenters are from within the Jewish community, and understand the cultural sensitivity of these important subjects.

These workshops can be customised to your needs, but typically cover:

•  the importance of parents having discussions with their children about personal safety
•  raising awareness of the danger signs of grooming and abuse
•  supporting parents’ and teachers’ roles in identifying the warning signs
•  helping parents or teachers to handle a possible disclosure from a child.

Minimum/maximum group size
Minimum 10, no maximum

Cost to school

This is what schools say about us
School Principal: “The school felt it was important to hold an evening for parents devoted to child protection. Unfortunately, this is a subject that needs to be discussed and I pay tribute to our Rabbis and Shema Koli for their guidance and leadership.”

A parent said: “I want to thank you for the most important evening you provided for the parents in the school. Although the topic and material was both disturbing and frightening in some ways, it was something we all had to hear in order to empower us and consequently our children. Shema Koli delivered the message in a clear, sensitive manner without diluting its impact. This engendered a frank, yet sensitive, discussion with our children which I hope will help to keep them safer.”

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