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Norwood – Binoh

Specialist SEND Support

What we do
A specialist, multi-disciplinary team of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Teachers, and an Educational Psychologist provides support for pupils and their families where they face barriers to learning including those related to SEND. We offer families:

  • Parent / carer free advice line and drop-in surgeries.
  • In Partnership with Parents training, using daily activities to support learning – free of charge.
  • Early years language enrichment groups.

What we offer schools

  • 1:1 and group SLT and OT – including ongoing therapy and assessments.
  • EP interventions.
  • 1:1 and group specialist teaching, including for dyslexia.
  • TA / LSA training for schools.
  • SEND – related training for schools’ staff, including INSET.
  • Needs assessments.

School years we work with
Reception – 25 years old in line with the SEND CoP

Cost to school
Please refer to our fee list.

Schools say:

On our LSA / TA support programme: We can certainly see more independence promoted in children, and more confidence in our LSAs. It has prompted us to ask questions about how staff work together in the school. It has raised the profile of LSAs in schools and their significant role in teaching and learning.” RIMON SLT 2019.

“Alma has been working with Norwood for the last four years. We have worked with both the Education team (including Specialist Teaching and Educational Psychology) and the Counselling and Psychotherapy service.  We also completed the MITA project with Norwood in 2019. At all times, our experience of working with Norwood has been positive.  They are professional, reliable, friendly and most importantly, very good at what they do.  During the lockdowns, they were flexible and accommodating to our changing needs and they are continuing to support us with our Covid Catch Up strategy. We highly recommend the Norwood Educational and Therapeutic services to other schools – they are well worth it.” Alma SENDCo

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