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Think Volunteering...Think JVN!

What we do
JVN is the UK Jewish community’s portal to volunteering. We cater for both individuals with a bit of spare time who are looking for something worthwhile to fill it, and charitable organisations with vacancies that can be filled by volunteers. Our sophisticated website matches the volunteers to the roles and organisations based on their skills, interests and abilities as well as the job description. We also work within the community promoting a culture of volunteering and good practice in volunteer management.

What we offer schools
Through our dedicated Youth Co-ordinator we are partnered with the JLGB’s evolve programme, which offers a journey of volunteering for young people age 7-25. Each stage of volunteering is progressive, with age-appropriate opportunities and age-specific awards on offer throughout to record and accredit young people’s volunteering. Teachers are able to keep tabs on their students’ volunteering and we work with schools to develop their own on-site volunteering programmes.

Minimum and maximum group size
We can accommodate whole year groups and also have the ability to work one-to-one with individual students who require bespoke help. We also work with teachers, informal educators and other departments either collectively or individually to develop their volunteering opportunities.

Cost to school

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