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Improving understanding, prevention and management of Jewish genetic disorders in the UK

What we do
Jnetics is the only organization in the UK that focuses on genetic disorders that are more common in Jewish people relative to the general population. Our three core activities include:
• Awareness-raising and outreach education
• Signposting to the best available information, services and support.
• Facilitating access to responsible genetic testing for the UK Jewish community – including providing a screening service for 9 of the most severe, recessive Jewish genetic disorders.

What we offer schools
We offer a comprehensive education and screening programme targeted at Jewish sixth form students to improve their understanding of Jewish genetic disorders and enable them to better manage the risks.

The programme covers a session on recessive Jewish genetic disorders and a separate session on dominant hereditary cancers.

The recessive session is for all students whereas the cancer session, delivered in partnership with the BYB team is for girls only (at this time) as it focuses primarily on breast and ovarian cancer.

On a separate occasion, and in partnership with the NHS, students (given parental consent) will be offered screening for 9 of the most severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders to identify if they are carriers of any of the conditions. This does NOT include screening to identify an increased risk for certain hereditary cancers or any other dominant conditions.

Minimum and maximum group size
15 to 100

Cost to school

What schools say about us
Our programme is endorsed by the senior rabbis of all the synagogue movements across the UK Jewish community and key community leadership and welfare organisations

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