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Positive Activities for Jewish Youth

What we do
The JLGB trains and develops young people of the Jewish faith to reach their potential through active citizenship, within both the Jewish and wider community, empowering them to become future leaders of tomorrow.

Through a diverse range of experiences and activities the JLGB seeks to enrich the lives of young Jewish people through its local, regional and national framework. The JLGB removes barriers to participation by providing positive activities within a fun, friendly, safe and structured environment, that meet the religious and cultural needs of the Jewish community.

The JLGB encourages friendship through achievement, recognition and personal development programmes, which prepare and enable young Jewish people to develop the essential life skills needed to help their transition from young person to adult life.

Central to the ethos of the JLGB is active citizenship and giving back to society. The JLGB encourages Jewish young people’s involvement in volunteering, inter-faith and intergenerational projects that have a positive impact in both the Jewish and wider communities.

What we offer schools
Through JLGB’s eVOLve young volunteering initiative, we run the following programmes engaging those in different school years in volunteering and social action:

Yrs 3 – 6 Junior Citizen Programme (Bright Spark Award)
Yrs 7 – 8 Yoni Jesner Award
Yrs 7 – 9 Citizenship & Community Involvement (Enterprise Award)
Yrs 9 – 11 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
Yrs 12 – 13 OCN Accredited Young Leadership and Social Action
Yrs 12 – 13 vInspired Award
Yrs 12 – 13 Specialist NCS Provision (Summer 2015)

Minimum and maximum group size

Cost to school

This is what schools say about us
“Over the years, hundreds of our students managed to complete their Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This was made possible through the incredible efforts of the JLGB.” Jonathan Miller, Headteacher, JFS

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