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Jewish Museum

A resource for Jewish schools

What we do
The Jewish Museum is an enjoyable place to visit, a cultural landmark, and home to world-class objects and exhibitions which tell the extraordinary story of Jewish life in Britain, from 1066 to today. The religion and social history which form the core of our galleries are complemented by exciting changing exhibitions highlighting different aspects of Jewish identity and culture.

What we offer schools
The Jewish Museum offers a wide range of workshops which enable students to explore key themes in Judaism as well as to investigate the rich and interesting narrative of Jewish history. All workshops at the Jewish Museum are interactive and cross curricular; encourage a sense of discovery and aim to inspire young people to look at the world from a different point of view. Object handling is a central feature of each workshop. As well as encouraging personal and social skills, workshops develop pupils’ creativity, critical thinking, literacy and communication skills.

Recommended workshops:

  • Jewish Eastenders: A Victorian story (upper key stage 2)
  • Jewish Eastenders: an immigrant story (key stage 3)
  • First World War: Remember Me (upper Key Stage 2, Key stages 3,4, and 5)

Workshops fun for approximately two hours. There is an option to stay for a whole day with a morning and afternoon workshop.

Minimum and maximum group size
Any size group but there is a minimum charge of £75

Cost to school
£3.50 plus VAT per pupil per workshop

Self-guided visits are £3 plus VAT per pupil and £6 plus VAT per adult

This is what schools say about us
“This experience has enriched learning in a way that would not be possible in a classroom”

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