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Jewish Interactive UK

The center for Jewish educational technology and computing in the UK, revitalising Jewish learning through innovative, interactive apps and inspirational training.

What we do
In a unique fashion, JI creates innovative and interactive Jewish (online) multimedia programs for primary school children. We are using modern technology to help inspire and assist our Jewish educators, who seek to make Torah more relevant, accessible and alive to Jewish children and their parents, globally.

Our groundbreaking apps are now being used consistently in over 40 different schools and organisations in the UK and over 200 globally, reaching and impacting over 100,000 children.

Furthermore, as JI is available online, this means that the connection we help to create between our children, and their heritage and history, is reinforced at home and their journey of discovery is enjoyed together with their parents.

Through our ground-breaking educational apps and programmes, in-school training and pioneering partnerships, JI has become leaders in the field, transforming and impacting thousands of children’s Jewish learning, literally bringing Judaism to our children’s fingertips.

What we offer schools

Minimum and maximum group size
JI will cater for any size

Cost to school
Various membership offers and course rates

This is what schools say about us
“13 years of Insets and this is the only one where I’ve actually learnt anything”Using ipads to enhance JS lessons Sinai school

“Unbelievable! The most forward thinking force in Jewish Education”G Sher, Sinai School

“The work JI does is unique. Whilst there are trainers who can show some useful apps, only JI can speak to both Kodesh and Chol teachers with direct relevance to both. The Apps and Programmes created by JI are exhilirating Jewish education!” 
E Chody, Mathilda Marks Kennedy Primary School

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