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Mental health and wellbeing

What we do
Jami is the mental health service for the Jewish community. Our Head Room team offers an exciting range of educational workshops which can be run in-house at your school. Working with year groups 7-13 we cover looking after our own mental health, skilling up on stress management tools and how to streamline our transition into university and gap years.

We can also offer bespoke programmes and workshops designed with your year group in mind. 

What we offer schools

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness
This interactive workshop takes an overview of mental health as an issue that affects us all. With the Office of National Statistics reporting that one in ten young people, aged 5 – 16, will experience a mental health problem, this topic continues to have enduring relevance. During the session students will learn about mental health and explore ways to enhance their own mental wellbeing. The second half of the session explores the issues of stigma and discrimination within the mental health arena and helps students form their own opinions and participate in the dialogue.

Stress Management
Exam stress continues to be the metaphorical ‘monster under the bed’ for many of us.  Whether you are a student, the parent of one or a teacher, exams loom larger than life. Publicised widely by the media, that we are putting our students under more academic pressure than ever before, it is unsurprising that the ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey revealed that 96% of 1300 students felt anxious about exams and revision. 

Combine academic pressure with family and social pressures and it’s no wonder our young people are finding it hard to manage. Let Jami run this interactive workshop to show your students how to manage their stress and maintain motivation.

Transition Workshops
The shift from secondary school to university can be a challenging time for our young people. The stress of personal, domestic and educational changes can leave many new students feeling uncertain or anxious about this big life step. Jami’s interactive session can help your Sixth Form students identify their key worries, manage this transition and recognise the new opportunities university life offers. 

Cost to schools
Mental Health Awareness – Free
Stress Management – contact us to discuss
Transition Workshop – contact us to discuss

This is what schools say about us
“It was fantastic – useful, informative and entertaining”

“This was the most useful, relevant and important session we’ve had”

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