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Accessing your resilience and mental health within

What we do
We work to improve the resilience, psychological health and well-being of individuals and society by sharing a fundamental understanding of how the human mind operates. 

What we offer schools

  • Innate Health Education and Resiliency Training Project – iheart
  • In-school teacher training
  • In-school student programme/curriculum
  • Centre or school based  1-1 sessions & short courses
  • Teen Conference
  • Mental Well-Being days in schools

iheart is a schools project dedicated to educating adults and students within the school setting about their innate mental health and well-being. It was recently launched as a ground-breaking initiative of the Innate Health Centre in collaboration with highly trained specialised Innate Health practitioners

iheart focuses on realising the full potential of each individual through the understanding of states of mind in the classroom, leading to a positive increase in well-being and the creation of a healthier, more generative atmosphere within the entire school community.

Our aim is to create a culture of well-being, mental health and resilience within the entire school community – amongst students, teachers and the parent body – to enhance the learning experience and to promote an enriched educational and social climate.

The nature of this work is educational, not therapeutic. While many Innate Health practitioners may have previous psychology and counselling backgrounds, we are not therapists.

We share a simple yet profound understanding of our psychological functioning through the Three Principles of Innate Health.

To derive maximum benefit, we recommend a three-tiered approach involving students, teachers and parents. Nevertheless, benefit within the school environment will still be experienced should parents not take part in the training.

Transforming PTSD understanding the Three Principles

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