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Building leaders who embody and strengthen our values within the Jewish and wider community through inspiring, developing and empowering Jewish Youth

What we do
BBYO is the largest Jewish international youth movement. It is a pluralist organization which aims to empower the Jewish youth through developing leadership skills.

Our five pillars are Pluralism: to share a common space and live as a community. Peer Leadership: To empower the youth to lead. Activism: We believe in the Jewish value of tikkun olam and creating positives actions. Zionism: commitment to the concept of Jewish people- hood and the expression of that in the modern day state of Israel. Judaism: Jewish values, traditions and practices run though everything we do.

We run residential leadership training courses, winter camps, summer camps, Israel Tour programmes, Gap year.

What we offer schools
We offer leadership programmes to schools. To encourage peer-leadership in order to create leaders of the future.
We run programmes to build leaders who embody Jewish values and who will continue to inspire the Jewish youth. 

Minimum/maximum group size

Cost to school

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Tel: 020 8202 6698