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Anne Frank Trust

Learning from Anne Frank and the Holocaust, we empower young people aged 9 to 15 to challenge all forms of prejudice

What we do
Learning from the Holocaust and the life of Anne Frank we empower young people aged 9-15 to challenge all forms of prejudice.

What we offer schools
Core two day programmes –
History for Today Exhibition – Includes taking a physical exhibition into schools for up to 2 weeks. The exhibition is a detailed journey of the life of Anne Frank and the Holocaust. Young people are trained to become peer educators. In this role, they deliver guided tours of the exhibition to their peers, teachers and the wider school community. It is both interactive and impactful for the whole school community. (A hall, library or similar space will be needed to accommodate the exhibition)

Voices for Equality – students learn from the uniquely inspiring life and work of Anne Frank, using readings and video extracts from her diary. They explore contemporary and historic forms of antisemitism and other forms of prejudice and discrimination, reflecting on the dangers if left unchallenged. They will be empowered to become voices for equality in school. (Classroom based)

Workshops- We offer workshops on contemporary forms of discrimination for 1-2 hours: Antisemitism, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Gender Equality. Anti Black Racism, Transphobia, Ableism and Misogyny.

Online Learning Events – Live – throughout the year we offer regular one-hour interactive online learning events to coincide with the various special dates associated with our work. These include Holocaust Memorial Day, World Book Day and Hate Crime Awareness week to name a few.

Ambassador Programme – For young people passionate about learning more about the Holocaust, Anne Frank and who are ready to make a personal commitment to challenging prejudice, we offer the opportunity to apply to become an ambassador.

The Ambassador programme includes mentoring, regular online learning, creating projects to challenge prejudice in their community, study trips abroad and the UK and being part of our Youth Forum.

School years we work with
Years 5 to 10

Min and max group size
20-Full class size

Cost to school
Free (We only charge fee-paying Independent schools)

This is what schools say about us
β€œThe workshops exceeded all my expectations. The students were not only ‘told’ information but were able to feel and express their opinions regularly. Constantly considering their stories and experiences alongside Anne’s was a wonderful exploration into such sensitive subjects made very appropriate for primary aged students.”
Teacher, West Yorkshire


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